Chapter Notes

What are they

The politics of benzodiazepine dependence are pretty murky. For proof of this see:

  • The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction (APPGITA) has been battling for years to get proper recognition and support for benzodiazepine victims. Its website ( gives detailed updates on its campaign. It gives an interesting insight into government manoeuvring. For years the driving force was Jim Dobbin MP, who has recently died, regrettably. Since then the group seems to have lost its impetus.
  • On the politics involved, and the dangers of psychotropic drugs, Colin Downes-Grainger’s “Prescription for Injury” and “Blaming the Patient” make very interesting reading. (
  • Read the email from APPGITTA to Dr Sarah Wollaston, Chair, Health Select Committee on the APPGITTA website. It is abundantly clear that Public Health England (PHE) has no intention of providing any support for benzodiazepine victims, collecting any statistics, or recognizing any responsibility for the problem. It is apparently up to the NHS and GPs to do that.
  • The Ashton Manual (see above)
Giving Them Up

    Some statistics on withdrawal times are available from the website below. The overall percentage of people who claim to have recovered in under 2 years post withdrawal seems to correlate with others’ experience.


Cutting plans are available in the Ashton Manual.